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The EU-ASEAN Business Council’s flagship ASEAN-EU Summit event is back for its 9th run this year, to be held in Singapore on 15 September 2021. With circumstances posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and as we integrate to the new normal, both in the region and globally, this year’s edition will revolve around the highly relevant theme of health-related issues. It follows on from the exceedingly successful hybrid virtual/physical model (the Council’s first) held last year, graced by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry, ASEAN Ministers, Ambassadors and prominent business leaders who spoke at the event attended by high-level delegates virtually and physically.

Similar to last year’s approach, the ASEAN-EU Health Summit will be a hybrid virtual/physical event to keep in line with COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures, providing guests the option of attending the event virtually. 

The ASEAN-EU Business Summit was founded in 2011 in Indonesia and has since developed into an established meeting point in ASEAN with several hundred delegates attending each event. With the focus this year on transformative solutions in healthcare and emerging trends in the industry, The Summit will serve as a platform for business connections, bringing together senior leaders and policy makers in ASEAN’s healthcare industry.

Date: 15 September 2021
Venue: Stamford Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre
Time: 12.30pm (Registration) to 6.30pm

The EU-ABC is pleased to extend this event on a complimentary basis
•            As seats are limited, priority to attend the event onsite will be given to EU-ABC members and representatives of the diplomatic corps. 
•            Members and guests have the option of attending the event virtually.

•            Register for the event via the registration button



H.E. Ong Ye Kung

Minister for Health, Singapore 

Budi Gunadi Sadikin.jpg

H.E. Budi Gunadi Sadikin

Minister of Health, Indonesia

Susanne Andreae

Head of Health and

Healthcare Industry,

World Economic Forum

Susanne Andreae.jpg

Isabelle Deschamps

Head of Global Vaccines

Public Affairs, Sanofi 

Isabelle Deschamps.png


Panel 1: Unlocking the ASEAN Longevity Dividend Through Cost-Effective Prevention  

It’s not news that our populations are rapidly ageing, a blessing of the 20th century extension of life expectancy that places demographic pressures on our 21st century models.  While ASEAN still lags behind average life expectancy with some room to catch up, the proportion of population officially labelled “aged” in the region has doubled and is on a trajectory to reach nearly one-fifth of total peoples by 2035.

ASEAN will simply miss out on its demographic dividend period, unless it makes dramatic changes to the approach toward population.  Known as the longevity dividend, there is opportunity to act now so as to harness the evolving demographic patterns, especially through increased resource utilisation toward proven prevention-style interventions.  In this session we focus specifically on life-course immunisation as an available tool for ASEAN governments to leverage.

Expert Panel: Pandemic Preparedness & Lessons for ASEAN and Beyond 

The global response to COVID-19 has called both global and regional pandemic preparedness into question. Moving forward, there is a growing need to build new forms of collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders. There is no question that there has been an unprecedented speed to develop tests, treatments and vaccines to keep people across the globe safe. But there are still questions regarding Southeast Asia’s collective ability to ensure preparedness for future pandemics and challenges to come.

Panel 3: Sustainable Healthcare Financing in ASEAN and Asia Pacific 

In November 2019, the Council kicked off a new initiative at the ASEAN Secretariat Digital Health Summit with an ambition to discover more creative financing mechanisms to achieve our Universal Health Coverage (UHC) ambitions in the region.  We presented these findings in a landmark report in March 2020, with subsequent bespoke briefings to ASEAN Ministries over the past year.  The topic became particularly relevant during the pandemic, when a “do more with less” mentality ruled health and wider social investment priorities.


Now in 2021, the Council’s sustainable healthcare financing concept is officially a World Economic Forum program.  We’ve conducted additional research across ASEAN, as well as involving other key regional markets such as India, China, and Japan.  There is something to teach and something to learn across key themes such as immunization, diabetes management, and rare diseases, which are simultaneously our greatest healthcare financing challenges and opportunities for economic development.

Breakout Sessions

(A) Tackling Substandard and Falsified Medicines in ASEAN 

Counterfeit and falsified drugs can have a serious impact upon human health. These drugs have adverse effects on pharmaceutical companies’ profits and branding. More importantly, falsified medicines threaten human lives, by causing further illness, disability, resistance to authentic medicines, and even death Tackling counterfeit drugs is therefore an important issue which companies and governments alike are looking to combat in Southeast Asia.

(B) Shaping Society and ASEAN’s Modern Economy through Digital Health Solutions 

Digital health solutions use platforms such as mobile devices, enabling the wider population of ASEAN to gain access to healthcare. Although it provides novel opportunities, digital health solutions have also introduced a new set of regulatory  challenges for the decision makers in ASEAN.  New technological developments are responding by increasingly blurring the boundaries between the physical, biological, and digital worlds. The digital revolution has the potential to benefit the health of all, but it can also lead to new ethical challenges. Now, more than ever, there is a growing need for convergence of digital health regulations across Southeast Asia.

(C) Transforming Self Care: Role of E-Pharmacies & Improved Access to Medicines 

It is no secret that a healthy population is a productive population, which impacts overall tax contribution and human capital development. However, the converse is also true and should be avoided. A possible solution for ASEAN moving forward would be to prioritise Self-Care where citizens can manage their own wellness. This does not only frees up strained healthcare systems in ASEAN but also encourage individuals to hold a level of responsibility for health outcomes.




H.E. Ong Ye Kung

Minister for Health, Singapore 

Budi Gunadi Sadikin.jpg

H.E. Budi Gunadi Sadikin

Minister of Health, Indonesia

Dr. Janil Puthucheary

Senior Minister of State

Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Health


Dr. Janil Puthucheary.png

Director-General Sandra Gallina

Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

Dato Lim Jock Hoi.jpg

H.E. Dato Lim Jock Hoi

Secretary-General of ASEAN 

H.E. Kung Phoak.jpg

H.E. Kung Phoak

Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community

Peter.Piot.Photo..jpg_ (002).jpeg

Professor Peter Piot

Special advisor to

President Ursula von der Leyen on the response to the coronavirus and COVID-19 & Director of the School and Handa Professor of Global Health

Alexis Serlin.png

Alexis Serlin

Head ASIA Cluster,

Novartis Pharma, Novartis Asia Pacific Pharmaceuticals

Jakob Sebastian Angele

CEO APAC, foodpanda 

Jakob Angele.jpg

H.E. Hok Kimcheng

Director General for Health, Cambodia

Dr. HOK Kimcheng.png
Janice Chia.jpg

Janice Chia

Founder & Managing Director, Aging Asia

20210105-Mr.Hardesty-30 (002).jpg

Chris Hardesty

Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, KPMG

Michael Hodin

CEO, Global Coalition on Ageing 

Michael Hodin.jpg

Ada Wong

Asia Public Affairs Lead, Sanofi

Otelli Edwards

Presenter, CNA 

Otelli Edwards_seated (002)_edited.jpg

Professor Peter Piot

Special advisor to

President Ursula von der Leyen on the response to the coronavirus and COVID-19 & Director of the School and Handa Professor of Global Health

Peter.Piot.Photo..jpg_ (002).jpeg

Dr Jeremy Lim

Partner, Leading Public Health Expert,

National University of Singapore

Jeremy Lim headshot higher res (002)_edited.jpg

Nathanael Faibis

CEO, Alodokter

Nathanael Faibis_edited_edited.jpg
andrew wong_edited.png

Andrew Wong

Chief Health Officer, Asia & Africa,

Prudential Corporation Asia

Thiam Hwa, Lim.jpg

Thiam Hwa Lim

Healthcare Director, SEA Industry Business Architect (Healthcare), SAP

Dr Noppadon Adjimatera

ASEAN Health Policy and Scientific Affairs Director, Reckitt

Dr Noppadon Adjimatera 2.jpg

Alvin So

Head of Commercial Operations, Bayer Consumer Health Division ASEAN

Alvin_So_Profile (002).jpg
Lovy Beh 2.png

Lovy Beh

President, Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild

Isabelle Deschamps.png

Isabelle Deschamps

Head of Global Vaccines

Public Affairs, Sanofi 

Susanne Andreae PhD

Head of Health and Healthcare Industry,

World Economic Forum 

Susanne Andreae.jpg

Eduardo Banzon

Principal Health Specialist, Southeast Asia Regional Department,

Asian Development Bank 

Dodo Banzon (002) (002).jpg
Franck Perruadin.jpg

Franck Perraudin

Head of Global Health Partnerships and Alliances, Sanofi

Dr Hak Hong Soo.jpg

Dr Hak Hong Soo

Regional Head of Health, Asia, Generali

Chris Humphrey Alternative (003).jpg

Chris Humphrey

Executive Director, EU-ASEAN Business Council

Roberta Sarno.jpg

Roberta Sarno

Manager, Digital Health Committee, APACMed

Ramesh Raj .jpg

Ramesh Raj Kishore

Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Pharmaceutical Security Institute

Stephen Dunn.png

Stephen D Dunn

Head of Product Security Investigations, APAC, Sanofi

Saleha Abd Rahman

Deputy Director, Pharmacy Forensic Section, Pharmacy Enforcement Division, Pharmaceutical Services Programme, Ministry of Health Malaysia 

Saleha Abd Rahman.jpg

Brett Marshall

Corporate Head of Quality Assurance, Zuellig Pharma

Brett Marshall_VP Quality Assurance Zuellig Pharma_Photo (002).jpg
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